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Struan Robertson
Struan is known for seeking collaborative solutions to common problems. Skilled at enlisting the input and buy-in of stakeholders, Struan brings a long career of influencing people’s behaviours and ‘purchasing’ decisions to his facilitation work.
Managing the Canadian Coast Guard’s boating safety programs in Ontario and Manitoba, Struan planned and implemented mass and grass roots media campaigns to affect the behaviour of the boating public. He delivered an eleven-day leadership course with Health Canada and developed learning centre partnerships benefitting over 2,000 public service employees from twelve federal government departments. He also coordinated joint marketing initiatives representing Canadian boarding and day school interests in foreign and national markets.
Struan is a certified MBTI practitioner, allowing him the ability to leverage personality typing in the facilitation and leadership development work he does with organizations. Certified by creator Harrison Owen, Struan also offers Open Space Technology for groups of 5 to 500+ in his facilitation repertoire.
Struan’s independent school experience includes almost a decade of senior team membership with responsibility for admission, marketing/communications, alumni/parent relations, development, award-winning publications, and web communications. Struan facilitates future focused conferences and workshops (e.g. with CAIS and CIS) and specializes in identifying school climate issues developing implementable solutions with boards and management teams.
Struan’s Leading Communities ~ Leading People Course for municipal government managers and supervisors has been billed as “a must for anyone looking to improve their ability to lead a team.”
Struan uses his entrepreneurial skills to bring people from across your organization together to develop collaborative solutions for your common future.
Just as building fine cabinetry requires a variety of precision instruments, so too does building an organization. Struan Robertson relies on trusted associates to augment Struan Robertson & Associate's services to you, enlisting the support of experts and task appropriate professionals in seamless service delivery to you.
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