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Reaching your envisioned future in today’s education market takes planned objectives built on fact-based decision-making. Knowing for certain what constituents think of your value proposition and the benefit of a given program or service is critical. Schools that set aside 10 – 15% of their overall marketing budget (all expenses related to ‘selling’) to establish a research cylce will find themselves having an easier time selling ideas, a more comprehensive program, and less costly and more effective promotional programs. Activities in your research cycle, might include:
• Enrollment Conversion Studies
• Exit Interviewing – Staff and Students
• Competitive Position Analysis
• School Climate/Readiness Issue Studies
• Public Consultation
• Syndicate Research
Schools may also wish to perform:
• Technology Audits
• Data Flow Audits
• Marketing/Communication Audits
Struan Robertson & Associates offers a range of research and fact finding services to get you the data you need to make important marketing, fundraising, and programmatic initiative decisions. We get to the heart of institutional issues, processes and the foundation of your marketing strategies utilizing secondary research, focus groups, telephone surveys, personal interviews, or large and small group facilitation including Open Space Technology. We then guide you in the creation of a unique marketing program to differentiate your school and foster an integrated approach to marketing where everyone in your school community is active and working toward shared goals.
Moving or aligning an entire community toward the achievement of your institution’s mission can be one of the toughest tasks to face leaders. It requires a keen awareness and accounting of the current reality, strong and inclusive strategizing from key constituents and inclusive planning involving those tasked with delivering you to your envisioned destination.

Struan Robertson & Associates works with your Board, management team, work group, administration, faculty, or key constituents to clarify your vision and ground it to your current position and mission. Through meetings, interviews, research, workshops and/or retreats, key constituents will connect passionately to your vision. Together they will identify the key objectives, resources, and strategic plans to get your school community more engaged and more mission driven than ever before.

A distinctive and effective brand resonates from deep within your school. Many times schools have several strong programs that are perceived as brands themselves making it harder to clearly establish and differentiate the school within the marketplace. Struan Robertson & Associates helps you to pull out your true brand and align school programs within that brand. We will help you to integrate marketing throughout your community. We will work with you to implement brand strategies that affirm your mission and align your community in the promotion of a credible, distinctive, attractive and compelling brand.
Struan Robertson & Associates works with your Admission Office, Advancement Office, Marketing and Communications Committee, Management Team or a representative group of individuals within your organization to zero in on what differentiates you from your cohort schools. Through a process of interviews and group sessions a brand strategy is developed that resonates from deep within your school ensuring the brand that you portray to the outside world is the brand that is found upon visiting your campus.
At the heart of integrated marketing strategies is the ideal that marketing is not just the job of the Admission or Communications departments. Marketing stems from a clear mission, and clear priorities where everyone is working from the same page. The school’s brand is affirmed in everything your school does, it is a statement of who you are and how you do what you do.
Struan Robertson & Associates will help you uncover your credible, distinctive, attractive, and compelling brand. We will also help you define affordable and measurable marketing strategies designed to strengthen your relative market position and assist you in delivering your school’s mission.

Struan Robertson & Associates believes that as motivated and happy adults, we naturally seek responsibility, challenge, and wish to pass our work lives adding our personal value and mark to the institutions with which we serve. Leading and managing to support these natural adult qualities in others first requires a healthy measure of self-awareness.

Struan Robertson & Associates offers several workshops on Leadership tailored for schools (Leading Schools ~ Leading People), government (Leading Communities ~ Leading People), and not-for-profit leaders (Leading Causes ~ Leading People). Three to five-day programs take leaders from your organization on a journey of introspection, assessment, discovery and reflection that culminates in 360° feedback. Leaders return to their workplace equipped to develop effective people-centred solutions to future business problems.
For the leader wishing to build on their team or work specifically with a selection of employees, Struan Robertson & Associates will tailor a team-building workshop using personality type (MBTI), conflict resolution skills, or roles and responsibilities clarification for team members to learn and develop new appreciation for what they and others bring to their organization.
Boards of Directors of schools and not-for-profits can build board cohesiveness through participation in a Struan Robertson & Associates led retreat focused on board members learning what they and others bring to the table as individuals and what their potential combined benefit to the organization can be. Affirming the board’s role in ensuring principles of good practice and mission achievement, this retreat is ideal for a relatively new board, a board with a new chair or newly appointed CEO, Executive Director or Head of School. An established board looking toward a substantive campaign or major initiative will also benefit. Boards wishing to undertake an individual and collective evaluation may also benefit from enlisting the confidential facilitation services of Struan Robertson & Associates. We assist Boards in achieving an honest, sensitive, and actionable review of their performance, challenges and accomplishments.
Meetings bloody meetings! In many organizations (schools, government and not-for-profits alike) it seems that in inordinate amount of time and resources are spent on meetings that seem less than productive. Many organizations, depending on the issues at hand, benefit from the professional guidance of a trained facilitator to get them through a charged agenda, tackle an outstanding issue, or develop a plan of action toward an envisioned future.
Struan Robertson & Associates works with leaders to plan and facilitate important meetings. This is most common when leaders wish to play an active role in a participative process without having to worry about the process at the same time. Struan Robertson & Associates will strategize with you on the best way to tackle a business problem and then facilitate the process to an inclusive solution.
Utilizing a myriad of facilitation techniques, focus groups, interviews and surveys, Struan Robertson & Associates also employs Open Space Technology for groups of five to over 500 where solving urgent service problems requires a community-wide solution.
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